On Demand Webinar | Mobile Application Series: Part 2
Threats and Challenges of Mobile Applications

As companies consider their mobile application development strategy, they need to assess their internal mobile application development skills and processes. The mobile platform carries unique threats and traditional software defenses are not sufficient to thwart them.

In this on demand webinar, Security Engineer Kevin Poniatowski will discuss inherent threats to mobile applications, demonstrate how mobile applications are attacked, and show how to mitigate risk through the implementation of design and coding countermeasures. The series is divided into three sections:

Threats and unique challenges of mobile platform

  • Web vs. Mobile applications
  • Understanding coding challenges
  • Common client- and server-side coding mistakes

Swords Up: Attack Techniques

  • Conducting exploratory testing to gather clues about the system
  • Identifying attack vectors, weaknesses and soft spots
  • Conducting attacks and exploiting weaknesses to determine risk/damage potential

Shields up! Building Security in.

  • Threat modeling secure design best practices
  • Mobile vulnerabilities and defensive coding