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Threat Modeling to Reduce Real Software Security Risk

Application security risk management is about identifying key threats, implementing countermeasures, and validating your defenses are robust. It is technique often used just prior to testing; however, it has value from requirements gathering all the way through to application construction and deployment.

Threat modeling helps you understand risk and communicate the pros and cons of defensive measures to both technical and business staff. This webcast will present key threat modeling concepts so your team can triage vulnerabilities in the context of business impact and relate threats to operational risk, criticality, and mitigation.

Topics covered:

  • What is Threat Modeling and why is it important
  • Threat Modeling in action - activity examples
  • STRIDE and DREAD threat classification techniques
  • Leveraging a threat model at every phase of the SDLC



Meet the Presenter
Jason Taylor | CTO, Security Innovation

Jason Taylor leads the strategic direction for all of Security Innovation’s engineering and technology initiatives. He was the designer of our "Creating Secure Code" methodology which has been implemented at many of the world's largest technology organizations. He is a Microsoft Developer MVP for Security and has co-authored ten security guides with the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team.