Webinar Replay
6 Steps for Creating an Application Security Training Program

As more and more sensitive data breaches are making headlines, organizations are dealing with how to mitigate the risk of a security event occurring. Security education can have a positive effect on any organization if they are motivated and the quality of the security training is high.

In this short webinar, we will explore how a Fortune 500 company within the financial industry was able to benefit from Security Innovation's security awareness and application security training programs.

Even with a limited amount of time and resources, this organization was able to implement a training solution using several methods to create an internal culture of security. Part of this culture shift was implementing a strategy to decrease the number of Command Injection vulnerabilities (OWASP Top Ten #1 most common vulnerability), which will also be discussed.

Watch this webinar replay to learn:

  • How security training can be a fit for any organization
  • Steps needed to implement a successful security training program
  • Best practices for administering an overall security awareness initiative