Software Security Testing:
Blending Art and Science

Most organizations have countless software applications they need to secure. However, with limited budgets and resources available, securing software applications to withstand intelligent attacks depends on your organization’s ability to achieve both breadth and depth of testing.

Over the years, Security Innovation has continually honed our tech enable services for maximum efficiency and code coverage. Our experts use a variety of security tools and manual techniques on widely deployed enterprise software applications to deliver the most value to our customers. 

As a benefit to the security community, we are making available the results of a recent case study designed to better understand manual and automated test techniques.  Download our findings  to gain a deeper understanding of the:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of automated and manual security testing
  • Methods used to find different types of security vulnerabilities
  • Types of security tools and exploit techniques used

  • Best practices for software security assessments

About the Author

Aditya Kakrania has been working in the software security field for almost 20 years. He is responsible for delivering training, software security assessments, and vulnerability remediation guidance to Security Innovation's clients. Aditya was responsible for the vision and development of the company’s Holodeck environment-simulation product, which was the recipient of a Gartner Cool Vendor Award.