The Elusive Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

When security is incorporated into every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), organizations see a noticeable reduction in vulnerabilities and faster development cycles.

Why?  Simply put, a well-crafted SDLC embeds proficiency, which reduces the propensity for mistakes, improves overall throughput, and drives down risk.

Security Innovation can assess the security diligence of your or 3rd party SDLC practices, or help you build internal expertise yourself.   

Secure SDLC Training

With 150+ courses, our eLearning library helps ensure your teams build and deploy software quickly and securely.   

Additionally, our CMD+CTRL cyber range is the perfect complement to hone security engineering skills in real web applications.  Let us know if want a sneak preview of that too!

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Privacy in the SDLC Webinar Series

For more information on including privacy throughout your SDLC, check out our latest Privacy in the SDLC webinar series.  Individual sessions listed below:

Privacy Secrets Your Systems May Be Telling

Watch this on-demand session to better understand best practices on protecting this data and dealing with disclosure requirements.

Topics include:

  • Types of privacy and threats to them
  • How is privacy different than security?
  • Business systems putting you most at risk and more!

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Creating an Effective Application Privacy Policy

This webinar describes how to build powerful policies that can be easily understood and implemented in today’s continuous delivery and DevOps approaches. 

Topics include:

  • Privacy Concerns for Software Applications
  • Guidelines for Building Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Engineering Principles and more!

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Privacy: The New Software Development Dilemma

View to learn practical tips on building software applications that protect privacy data and better understand how new laws (like GDPR) impact software development.

Topics covered:

  • Designing for Privacy
  • Creating privacy impact rating
  • Techniques for effective privacy testing and more!

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Customer Kudos

With today’s current threat landscape dynamically evolving as ever-more, we found Security Innovation's Secure Development Practices Assessment was a practical and effective way to audit our current security practices and identify the next things we should do.  

Kudos to the Security Innovation team for a well thought out set of questions covering the broad spectrum of security topics and for excellent analysis and reports.”



Geoff Smith

Head of Development, PaperCut Software International (an HP JetAdvantage Partner)