Cybersecurity Training Benchmarks

An independently conducted report by the Ponemon Institute
Ponemon Cybersecurity Training Benchmarks cover


"Regardless of spend or program size, realistic simulation and job-specific training are the most effective way to build lasting skills, raise security effectiveness scores across training populations, and yield higher ROI"
- Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder of the Ponemon Institute

A critical challenge for organizations, as revealed in other Ponemon Institute research, is the inability to have the necessary in-house expertise to support a strong cybersecurity posture. A solution to this problem is a training program that is engaging for the learners, while increasing their effectiveness in preventing and detecting cyberattacks.

Sponsored by Security Innovation, the purpose of this study is to understand the current state of training programs and what makes such programs successful. The study involves 509 organizations in 16 countries that have a formal training program, an ad hoc program or no program at all.

This report contains their findings.

Key FindingTraining with Realistic Simulation yields twice the ROI than the average program element