Advancing your Application Security Program by Putting the OWASP Top Ten into Practice

Organizations leveraging the OWASP Top Ten as a fundamental framework to build an application security program have distinct advantage in thwarting application-level attacks. However, development teams often need detailed guidance that extend beyond the framework itself and into compliance to internal policies, or required external mandates so they are prioritizing security while developing software.

owasptoptendevelopers.jpgTherefore, it's essential to consider what your organization’s goals are when interpreting the OWASP Top Ten and applying it to reducing application security risk. This white paper will discuss a number of ways that organizations can make sense of the OWASP Top Ten to improve application security by:

  • Implementing the OWASP Top Ten as a best practices approach in any application security program
  • Integrating the OWASP Top Ten at each stage of the software development life cycle
  • Pairing robust tools like our Secure Coding Knowledgebase with OWASP Best Practices to accelerate adoption
  • How a best practices approach to application security can gain the support of your company’s management team