Everybody Loves March...and Basketball

But did you know that businesses estimated $6.3 billion in lost productivity during last year's tournament?

This year, celebrate your love for college hoops while also being productive and growing your secure coding skills with our March Hackness event! 

During the tournament - March 20th - 24th, we are offering up our InstaFriends Cyber Range to anyone interested in thinking like an attacker.  Grow your skills and compete against your peers as you move up the leaderboard for a chance to win some really cool prizes.

Not an experienced developer?  No problem!  Our Cyber Ranges are built for varying skill levels. We'll send you videos and cheat sheets that you can use to help you on your hacking journey.

Register to play for your chance to win:

  • Bragging rights!
  • March Hackness hacker avatar laptop stickers (all players)

  • Achievement certificates (5,000 points and 10,000 points scored)

  • Swag bags (Elite eight)

  • Hacker profiles on our blog (Final four)

  • A Hacker avatar created with your likeness (Grand prize winner)!

March Hackness is Now Over

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I loved how interactive the system was. When you find an exploit, you immediately get a pop-up that tells you how many points you've earned. It feels a lot like a video game. Very addicting.

Brandon Evans, Sr. Software Engineer