Cyber Security Essentials

We’re proud to partner with ICMCP to offer training scholarships to its members. These scholarships consist of 90-day access to cybersecurity Learning Paths from Security Innovation’s award-winning computer-based training.

If awarded, you will start with the ICMCP Cyber Security Essentials Learning Path consisting of hand-picked courses that provide a foundation cybersecurity training. This path includes twenty courses that qualify for CPE credits, such as: 

  • Fundamentals of Application Security
  • Importance of Software Integration & Testing
  • Risk Management Foundations
  • Essential Security Engineering Principles

Once you complete the first Learning Path, you’ll be awarded a certificate of completion, plus you’ll gain the ability to choose from over 40 other Learning Paths to continue your training. These paths range from DevSecOps to Systems Analyst, and all courses qualify for CPE credits for most cybersecurity certifications.

So please apply for the scholarship, and let’s begin your cybersecurity training journey together.

Apply for the Scholarship