[Webinar] How To Test For The OWASP Top Ten

How To Test For The OWASP Top Ten

The OWASP Top 10 is an expert consensus of the most critical web application security threats. If properly understood, it is an invaluable framework to prioritize efforts and address flaws that expose your organization to attack.

Watch this webcast as Jason Taylor, one of our most experienced security experts, takes us through the journey of identifying the tell-tale markers of the OWASP Top Ten and reveals the techniques used to hunt them down.

Jason will cover:

  • Vulnerability anatomy – how they present themselves
  • Analysis of vulnerability root cause and protection schemas
  • Test procedures to validate susceptibility (or not) for each threat

About the Presenter

Jason Taylor leads the strategic direction for all of Security Innovation’s engineering and technology initiatives. He was the designer of our "Creating Secure Code" methodology which has been implemented at many of the world's largest technology organizations. He is a Microsoft Developer MVP for Security and has co-authored ten security guides with the Microsoft Patterns & Practices team.



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