Free Guide to Hacking iOS Applications


Written by Dinesh Shetty, a mobile security expert and Mobile Center of Excellence lead, this guide is a product of the research performed at Security Innovation’s Center of Excellence. It provides hackers, developers and managers alike with an in-depth knowledge about the different kinds of iOS hacking tools and techniques.

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Setting up a device is one of the first priorities before starting a scheduled project. If setting up an iOS device for the first time, it’s likely that something may break (even if the device is one that has been used previously), so it’s best to test the device a couple of days before the pentest begins to ensure that the tools in it still work.

Once you are ready to begin setting up the device, we enourage you to use this step-by-step guide as a resource for your hacking.

The testing guide details the following:

  • Setting Up iOS Pentest Lab
  • Acquiring iOS Binaries
  • Generating iOS Binary (.IPA file) from Xcode Source Code
  • Installing iOS Binaries on Physical Devices
  • iOS Binary Package Primer
  • Compiling Customer-Provided Source Code for Pentesting on Latest iOS Using Xcode
  • iOS Security Model Primer
  • Exploring iOS File System
  • Application Data Encryption
  • Binary Analysis
  • Decrypting iOS Applications (AppStore Binaries)
  • iOS Application Debugging - Runtime Manipulation
  • Reverse Engineering Using Hopper
  • Reverse Engineering Using IDA PRO
  • MITM on iOS
  • Side Channel Leakage

Learn more about hacking iOS Applications by downloading your copy today.

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