Five Best Practices to Reduce Enterprise Software Risk

With approximately 90% of attacks occurring at the software layer, organizations realize that network security controls are not enough to keep a motivated attacker out.

The ability to build and deploy secure software applications in the face of an expanding threat landscape helps protect organizations from devastating impacts of security events.

This paper outlines five best practices for IT security that will help you make more informed decisions and mitigate enterprise application risk. These include:

  • Making a self-assessment – evaluate your people, processes and technology against industry standards to identify gaps
  • Understand why software security is so challenging so you can allocate the right amount of budget and effort to improving it
  • Ask tough questions of your teams and 3rd party vendors around incidence response, vulnerability triage and disclosure, patching strategy, and independent reviews
  • Create an internal “Red Team” to attack your IT systems as if they were malicious to identify vulnerable areas
  • Get your staff smart about software security – every member can play a role in mitigating risk if they have the know-how

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