Executive Guide to DevOps Security

Seamlessly Integrate Security into DevOps

Modern software development demands a balance between speed, efficiency, and security.  DevOps, the fusion of development and operations, aims to achieve this balance by optimizing the software development process for rapid delivery.

Peek under the hood of DevSecOps in practice and walk through this holistic approach encompassing people, processes, and technology to navigate the DevSecOps journey successfully:

  • Plan: Blueprint for Success
  • Code: Crafting Secure Foundations
  • Build: Sturdy Structure for Deployment
  • Test: Validation and Verification
  • Release/Deploy: Secure Launchpad
  • Monitor: Continuous Vigilance

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"Similar to flight simulators, CMD+CTRL is the perfect complement to traditional training because it immerses the learner in a realistic environment and prepares them for the cybersecurity battle they will face."

Dr. Larry Ponemon
Founder of The Ponemon Institute

"We began training with a single cyber range event. It generated so much excitement that teams immediately asked when we’re running the next one."

Joe Mineiri
CISO of Orvis

"Security Innovation has earned a reputation for being a trusted security advisor to their clients. This is keenly reflected in their training solutions, which help organizations build a culture of security."

Stan Black
CSO of Citrix

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