Evolving Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Software Security Training

Modern Development Teams Deserve Modern Training


The old approach isn't working

Enterprises need to tailor training to a person’s role and the technology platforms with which they work. These stakeholders need training that doesn’t waste their time - providing the level of information and professional context appropriate for their daily work.

At the same time, security teams still need to scale that knowledge across large teams. The only way to do that is by completely rethinking security training models.

As modern software development has had to decouple monolithic applications into loosely connected microservices, software security training must untether security knowledge contained in unwieldy, progressive learning paths. The knowledge should be broken into modularized curriculum components.

Mixing and matching these self-contained security learning modules gives security organizations the ability to provide curriculum tailored to roles and technical specialties without reinventing the wheel every time they design a new learning path.

This in-depth whitepaper dives into the case for modularized training and how organizations can ensure they're getting the maximum benefit from it.