2022 Software Security Trends Forecast

Insights from 50+ Industry Thought Leaders


Intro to the 2022 Forecast

While I’m not a big fan of crystal ball predictions, it is essential to understand threat trends and what successful organizations are doing to protect themselves. Toward that end, I summarized panel discussions from over 50 experts that I hosted over the past year-plus from my ongoing Ed TALKS webinar series.

In an earlier blog, I outlined vital themes. In the first part of January, I also read other predictions to see how my thoughts compared. My lens was colored by the ineluctable fact that software is the enabling catalyst of our future. This is reflected in the systems we build, the process by which we build them, and the teams we charter with the safe construction, deployment, and operation of those systems.

This forecast builds upon those three themes, supported by data and examples of 50+ experts. I hope you find this forecast helpful and informative. - Ed Adams