Four Steps to Deploying an AppSec Training Program

You Recognize the Need. But How Do You Execute?

Teams across the SDLC are grappling with resource constraints, accumulated technical debt, skills gaps, and tight deadlines. While developers play a crucial role in preventing vulnerabilities, creating and executing security training programs to stay ahead of threats can be challenging. Cybercriminals are increasingly focusing on software vulnerabilities to break into networks and applications.

How do you begin to up-level the DevOps team's cybersecurity awareness and improve application security?

We've crafted a simple guide to help you get started. In just four steps, you can prepare, roll out, analyze, and optimize a training plan that will deliver measurable success and quantifiable value.

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"Similar to flight simulators, CMD+CTRL is the perfect complement to traditional training because it immerses the learner in a realistic environment and prepares them for the cybersecurity battle they will face."

Dr. Larry Ponemon
Founder of The Ponemon Institute

"We began training with a single cyber range event. It generated so much excitement that teams immediately asked when we’re running the next one."

Joe Mineiri
CISO of Orvis

"Security Innovation has earned a reputation for being a trusted security advisor to their clients. This is keenly reflected in their training solutions, which help organizations build a culture of security."

Stan Black
CSO of Citrix

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