Ten Core Activities For Building A Culture Of CyberSecurity


cul•ture | \’kәl-chәr\ noun the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.

The complexity of systems and variety of applications and platforms makes it much harder to build, deploy, and defend applications and systems – and provides more opportunities for criminal attackers. Security defects, vulnerabilities, or misconfigurations all can be used to breach an application, system, or network and cause harm..

A strong culture of cybersecurity can complement and work with procedural and technology controls to help organizations be proactive as they build secure software, systems, and networks – as well as help detect and stop potential attacks.

This paper discusses the importance of a strong culture of cybersecurity, and examines ten key activities for building – or improving – that culture within your organization. Download to learn:

  • What is a Culture of Cybersecurity
  • The Benefits of a Culture of Cybersecurity
  • Ten Core Activities for Building a Culture of CyberSecurity

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