Automotive Cybersecurity: The Gap Still Exists

The Ponemon Institute has conducted a cybersecurity survey sponsored by Security Innovation and INTEGRITY Security Services, a Green Hills Software company of over 500 automotive developers, engineers, and executives, from automotive OEMs and suppliers. This 2nd annual survey provides insights on the current mindset of automakers in building security and safety into their vehicles.

Some key findings include:

  • A growing concern that hackers are actively targeting automobiles.
  • OEMs are more concerned about automobiles being hacked than are their suppliers.
  • The lack of skilled personnel and requirements, and pressure to meet release dates are the main impediments to secure software development Insufficient use of cryptography.
  • Legacy technology is hindering the ability to make vehicles more secure.
  • Automakers believe they are not as knowledgeable about secure software development as other industries.
  • There is little clarity or consensus regarding a single point of responsibility for a secure development process.
  • There is a small but statistically significant trend toward a more mature approach to securing vehicles.

Download the full whitepaper or view the survey results. 

You can also view a free PDF written by our very own Peter Samson titled "Wake up or Crash: Sounding the Alarm on Automotive Cybersecurity."