Cybersecurity: Automakers Remain Passive as Government Takes Action

In light of recent cybersecurity threats in the automotive industry, automakers must begin to think and act more proactively about cybersecurity. With the SPY Car Act introduced on July 21, 2015, automotive companies are now forced to think more about car safety when it comes to computerized systems that power connected cars on the road and finding ways to prevent these deadly hacks from happening by 2018. This free whitepaper, Automakers Remain Passive as Government Takes Action, Security Innovation teams up with Frost & Sullivan, a leader in the connected car industry, to analyze key cybersecurity challenges, identifies solutions, and captures best practices for proper vehicle security. Topics include:

  • What is the SPY Car Act of 2015?
  • How can vehicles be attacked?
  • Will automakers fix this problem?
  • What will be expected within the next five years?
  • How automakers could fully secure a vehicle by 2018