Aligning Application Security to Compliance

Regulatory compliance activities are beginning to focus increasingly on application securitAligning Application Security to Compliancey, rather than network security as the primary means to protect data. Why? Because insecure applications are the biggest threat to data – and the evidence supports this.  Both Verizon Business and NIST reported that over 90% of data breaches occur at the application layer.

As a result, regulators and industry standards bodies have dutifully added explicit and implicit security requirements as they relate to application development practices. However, these requirements are often difficult to understand and the security activities that need to be introduced within the development process are not well known.

This whitepaper presents a practical approach towards mapping application security practices to compliance requirements. 

Topics include:

  • Why application security is difficult to come to grips for most executives, IT managers, and compliance teams
  • Aligning software development processes and practices with security and compliance policies
  • Creating an action plan that identifies and remediates gaps between current and best application security practices, and documents the use of these best practices for auditing purposes