Fred Pinkett,
VP, Product Management, Security Innovation

Fred PinkettMr. Pinkett has extensive experience in the information security space. Prior to joining Security Innovation, he was vice president of product management at Core Security Technologies, where he was responsible for the product strategy and roadmap. He has also held senior positions at ExaGrid, Pedestal Software, Network Associates, RSA Security, and Banyan.

Developing a Successful Application Security Training Program

Application security training shouldn't be viewed as optional or as something to be done at a later time. Attacks at the application layer are increasing, impacting business at an alarming rate. Integrating developer training into a secure application development lifecycle program reduces application security risk and vulnerabilities, resulting in a strengthened overall security program and reduced vulnerability mitigation costs.

Training should be considered one of the few key proactive security functions that helps eliminate risk due to insecure software code, bridging the gap between the development and security organizations.

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  • Integrate training into your application security program
  • Assess your organization's need for training across roles and skill level
  • Extend the training experience and put learning to use with in-practice remediation guidance

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