Jason Taylor,
CTO, Security Innovation

Jason Taylor, CTO
Mr. Taylor leads the strategic direction for all technology and security initiatives at Security Innovation. He is an external reviewer, contributor and primary author for Microsoft patterns & practices security guidance and has written several articles for CIO Update.

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Risk-Ranking & Assessing Enterprise Applications

Date: Thursday, June 13

Time: 1:00-2:00PM (EDT)

Many organizations have hundreds or thousands of deployed applications, but have little insight into which are putting their most critical data and technology assets at risk. Given a limited application security budget, it is critical to prioritize based upon the risk each application poses to your customers and to your business.

This webcast will walk you through how to evaluate your application portfolio and risk-rank your software applications. We will show you how to leverage proven methodologies such as threat modeling and data classification to score and weight application security risk. Additionally, we’ll introduce a risk-ranking framework that allows you to better allocate your application security budget and resources, matching the level of security assessment effort to the criticality of applications.

Topics Covered:

  • Taking inventory of all applications: where and how to find them all
  • Identifying, prioritizing and factoring applications based on business impact, security threats, compliance mandates and other operational risks
  • Establishing risk-ranking criteria and application priority tiers
  • Creating automated and manual test plans commensurate with criticality of each application tier
  • Measuring and executing security testing based on risk rating

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