Maty Siman,
Founder & CTO, Checkmarx

Maty SimanMaty is the CTO and founder of Checkmarx. Maty has more than a decade of experience in software development, IT security and source-code analysis. An authoritative figure in application security, Maty is regularly interviewed by the media on security-breaking news and frequently speaks at various IT security conferences. Prior to founding Checkmarx, Maty worked for two years at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office as a senior IT security expert and project manager.

Dinis Cruz

Principle Security Engineer, Security Innovation

Dinis Cruz
Dinis is Security Innovation’s Engineering and Training lead for web application security expertise, specializing in .ASP.NET, J2EE, and Security Audits.

He is the lead developer for the company’s TeamMentor product, a knowledgebase of secure coding best practices, and for the OWASP O2 Platform.

Faster & Better Remediation with Security Innovation’s TeamMentor and Checkmarx’s CxSuite

Date: Tuesday, December 10

Time: 1:00 - 2:00PM (EST)

Software security requires that software teams create secure code and validate that the resulting executables are not vulnerable. Static security analysis tools allow development teams to locate and mitigate security issues during the development process. In the meanwhile, security guidance reduces the number of security scan cycles that involve QA, Information Security or other teams. How can you leverage both security scanning and guidance for quicker production of more secure and stable applications?

In this webinar, application security experts from Checkmarx and Security Innovation demonstrate the benefits of integrating source code scanning and vulnerability-specific guidance. In particular, they present how to:

  • Obtain highly-accurate scan results and optimal vulnerability remediation recommendations
  • Progressively educate users on important security concepts to enhance secure coding practices
  • Enable users to fix their code faster and improve the overall application security posture in the organization

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