Joe Basirico,
VP of Services,
Security Innovation

Mr. Basirico leverages his Joe Basiricoexperience as a development lead, trainer, and test engineer to direct the security engineering team in the delivery of high-quality, impactful assessment and remediation solutions to the company’s clients.  He has spent most the majority of his career understanding application threats and developing tools and methodologies that aide in the discovery and removal of application security problems.  

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Reducing the Cost of Secure Software Development

Date: Thursday, April 17

Time: 1:00-2:00PM (EDT)

Adopting an engineering mindset to development where security is considered from project inception through deployment ensures that application risk exposure is minimized.  Additionally, through the benefit of reduced vulnerability time-to-fix and support costs post-release, overall costs (both resource and financial) are minimized

This talk will present key security activities, tools, and education that teams can leverage to make secure software development inexpensive and natural to conduct.


Topics Covered:

  • Key activities, challenges and examples:
    • Stakeholder/customer discussions to identify primary concerns and existing controls
    • Security objectives to ensure security considerations throughout the SDLC
    • Security design guidelines to reduce your applications’ attack surface
    • Security architecture reviews to find design problems that can have a multiplier effect in later phases
    • Threat models to identify threats, attacks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures
    • Security code reviews and testing to uncover elusive vulnerabilities
    • Security deployment reviews to ensure configuration and deployment problems are discovered
  • Maturing your SDLC efforts
    • Identifying checkpoints to integrate key activities
    • Understanding which activities to outsource vs. perform internally
    • Creating a roadmap for incremental adoption
  • How to risk rank a portfolio of software applications during the maintenance/deployment phase

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