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Prevent Disclosure of SQL Errors


Applies to


What to Do

Do not show SQL error messages.


SQL error messages should not be displayed to prevent disclosing information about the database to potential attackers.


To prevent displaying SQL error messages:

  1. Identify the database extraction layer(s) used by the application.Review the application to identify what database engine(s) and abstraction layer(s) are used.
  2. Identify whether SQL error messages are displayed. Search application code for calls to functions that may disclose SQL errors. Examine such code to see if it may result in SQL error messages being displayed. A list of common database engines and database abstraction layers and the corresponding functions that may disclose errors is below:
    • DBA: uses php's built in error handler.
    • PDO: throws aPDOException
    • odbc:odbc_error() andodbc_errormsg()
    • Postgres:pg_last_error(), pg_result_error_field(), pg_result_error()
    • SQLite3:SQLite3::lastErrorCode, SQLite3::lastErrorMsg
    • SQLite:sqlite_error_string(), sqlite_last_error()
    • SQLSRV:sqlsrv_errors()
    • mssql:mssql_get_last_message()
    • mysqli:mysqli_connect_errno(), mysqli_connect_error(), mysqli_errno(), mysqli_error(), $mysqli->connect_errno, $mysqli->connect_error, $myssqli->errno, $mysqli->error
    • mysql:mysql_error(), mysql_errno()
  3. Remove code that displays SQL error messages. Remove all calls to functions that may disclose SQL error messages or remove the code that displays those error messages.

Additional Resources

For more information about PHP database extensions, please see http://us.php.net/manual/en/refs.database.php


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